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Heritage: Then & Now

By Pastor Chrissy This September we celebrate Greystone’s 38th birthday with a day of worship, fellowship, food, and even some good old-fashioned fun. (Be sure to check out the bottom of page 2 for a full schedule of Heritage Sunday events). Unlike in years past, however, we are also using this day of celebration to … Continued

As We (Re)Gather

The month of June marks one year since we resumed our weekly, in-person worshipservices. In many ways it feels like much longer than that yet, in many ways it is hard tobelieve twelve months have passed since staff and lay leaders sat down to recordworship elements with our smartphones and digital cameras. Even though the … Continued

Here on Earth: Creation Care Series – May 2022

You’ve heard me talk about it at Leadership Council and other ministry and committee meetings the last couple of months, and I’m excited the time has arrived! Our three-week series on creation care begins May 8. We’re calling it Here On Earth, which is a line we borrowed from Christian’s original song, Earth Beloved Community.  Each week, … Continued

Full to the Brim: An Expansive Lent for 2022

As Ash Wednesday draws near, many of us may already be thinking about our Lenten practices. What kind of intention will we set this year to help us return to God with renewed commitment? Traditionally, Christians give something up for this season. They’ll abstain from things like alcohol, chocolate, or other guilty pleasures. In a … Continued

Home is Mom’s Chicken Soup

I was totally spoiled in the food department as a child. My mom is probably the best cook I know. She can make something delicious from just about any combination of random pantry ingredients. My friends always wanted to come to our house and the action always happened around the kitchen island because they all … Continued