Remember the Kindness Campaign?

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In January, we began a year-long focus on Kindness as a spiritual practice. As part of this year of kindness, founding member, Caralie Brown, agreed to write a blog on kindness in the workplace. We originally imagined this post would go live in April; but in April, many of us were transitioning our workplaces into […]

How do we reconcile our belief in the Lord of creation with some of our Christian doctrines?

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I love this question because it offers so many words that are a part of the language of faith – and – it gets at one of the largest tensions people of faith face as they seek to live their lives faithfully and in the modern world.  It is always important to remember that doctrines […]

An Invitation to Sit in Holy Week’s Rubble

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This week, the world watched as one of the most iconic cathedrals in the Western world was consumed by fire.  As time passed, images surfaced of Notre-Dame de Paris engulfed in smoke and flames; and many wondered if the thousand year-old building would survive.        It seems a bit haunting to consider the devastation of this […]