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The Spirit of Justice Team at Greystone Baptist Church seeks to bring people together around courageous conversations and issues of racial and social justice, in a moment of reckoning for our country and our denominational history. Our primary mission is to educate, advocate, and welcome allies to welcome and support all people in Raleigh and surrounding communities. Our efforts are in conjunction with the broader reach through CBFNC.

Considering recent and ongoing acts of gun violence in America, the Spirit of Justice Ad Hoc Team, with the support of the Diaconate and Leadership Council, has prayerfully considered how to respond. We are filled with grief and anger for the lives of children of God that have been taken by acts of gun violence. We are firmly opposed to all criminal acts of violence, and the structures that contribute to them. We know that the God who walked on Earth and continues to move in the world requires us to move as well. As Christians who have been called to love our neighbors as ourselves, we are taking action to show that love by addressing the crisis of gun violence in multiple ways

-Spirit of Justice Ad Hoc Team, Leadership Council, and Diaconate