The Fear of Death and the Lure of False Resurrection

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There has been a lot of talk about resurrection this week. From resurrecting the economy to resurrecting our churches to resurrecting life as we knew it before the Coronavirus changed everything. Liturgically speaking, it is still a little early for resurrection. While we all want to rush over to the empty tomb NOW… there might be a lesson for us in the waiting. Yes, it will require us to face our fear of death in more ways that we ever imagined (death of financial stability, death of certainty, death of our old lifestyles, etc.).

Any kind of death is scary, but there is hope to be found in the book of Ezekiel as God takes the prophet and sets him down in the middle of a valley of dry bones, asking the question: Can these bones live? Join us online in worship this day as we listen for a word of hope from the prophet Ezekiel.

…but Now I See

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Sometimes change is a good thing. Sometimes change is easy to accept. Sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes our social, political, and financial capital can protect us and shield us from feeling the brunt of tremendous change; and sometimes all we can do is sit back and watch everything around us turn into something totally new.

Even as we are in the midst of all kinds of change (some known and some still unknown), we can know that God, who made us, who knows our name and who sees our struggle, is always working to make us whole… even if it means we need to be born again.

Join us online in worship this day as we listen for a word of hope, deep from the heart of God.

Living with Xerophobia

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gather to worship, joined by Christians around the world who are discovering what it means to be the people God outside of the sanctuary. With a reading from Exodus 17, we ask God to come into our driest deserts and offer us some hope-filled water. Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on us…

Blessed are the Humans: What Nicodemus Teaches Us About Sitting with the Fear of Uncertainty

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We welcome the Reverend J. Dana Trent as our guest proclaimer for this weeks sermon. In addition to leading us in worship, Dana will be leading our Lenten Studies on Wednesday nights through March 18.

FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

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Pastor Chrissy preaches on the 4th Chapter of Matthew.

A Word to the Wise

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This Sunday we welcomed Dr. Andy Jung as our guest proclaimer. Andy joined the CBFNC staff in January of 2019 as the Associate Executive Coordinator. His primary responsibility is to support the mission of CBFNC and its ministries and to assist the coordinators in ministering alongside their partner churches.

You Have Heard it Said…

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Pastor Chrissy preaches on the 5th Chapter of Matthew. God has created you for relationship. Do not seek to simply outlive your enemies, but make things right with them, …love them. And begin by going now, go and be reconciled to your sisters and your brothers, each and every one.

On Being Salt and Light

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In the Gospel reading from Matthew 5 Jesus tells us a story using the metaphors of salt and light. Salt is a common spice. One that does not do a whole lot on its own (in terms of taste) but it really helps to accentuate strong flavors of foods to which it is applied. Salt […]

Kindness Starts Here

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Today we, like the people in Titus’ church in Crete, are going back to the basics… back before there were disagreements about doctrine, back before there was division around theological ideas, back to the very moment where it all began, the moment wherein God took on human form in an act of loving-kindness, so that […]

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