Sermon Series: Give Generously

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A conversational sermon with Chrissy Tatum Williamson and Dustin and Emily Tuttle celebrating Commitment Sunday, the culmination of our annual stewardship campaign.

Sermon Series: Give Life

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A conversational sermon withChrissy Tatum Williamson and Johnny Glover celebrating the second Sunday of our annual stewardship campaign.

Sermon Series: Give Thanks

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A conversational sermon withChrissy Tatum Williamson and Julie Green celebrating the first Sunday of our annual stewardship campaign.

Scarred by Struggle, Transformed by Hope: Part 4

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Chrissy and Steve continue their conversation in Part 4 of the series, talking about Joan Chittister’s book Scarred by Struggle, Transformed by Hope.

Sermon Series: The Great Ordeal

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Welcome to worship online. Today we find ourselves exploring two pieces of scripture (Gospel of Matthew and Book of Revelation) that offer us a word of comfort in the difficult seasons of life. Struggle and difficulty, unfortunately meet all of us along the way. Whether we are prepared or not… Whether we can see it coming or not… Whether we have the tools to make it through… or not. In these times we call out to God for help and wonder why God feels so distant.

This week, in these ancient texts, I found a word of hope and a reminder that God has not abandoned us in this time of grief and loss. I wonder if you might too?

Let’s worship God together this day.

Sermon Series: Living the Unanswerable Questions

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Good morning! Welcome to worship online. Today we celebrate Senior Adult Sunday. Early in Greystone’s history, Hannah Hills began developing and leading a ministry with Senior Adults in our community. Because of her leadership, we now have a rich tradition of celebrating the gifts of those who are 65+ years old. Though COVID-19 has caused us to alter some of our traditions, you will find that some of the things we love the most are still happening. One of those traditions we were able to continue is that on this special Sunday, many of our worship leaders are Senior Adults.

We have also decided to do something new this year, so we have a special treat for all of our Seniors. The ministers will be in the Sawmill parking lot today from Noon to 1pm with a gift for each of you! Just drive through during that hour and roll your window down so we can give you your gift and say hello. Don’t worry, we will be wearing our masks!

Looking forward to seeing many of you today. Until then, let us be united in worship together.

Sermon Series: A People Defined by Love

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Welcome to worship on this rainy Sunday morning. Often, days like this give us an opportunity to slow our bodies and our minds from all that steals our attention. Because we cannot get outside to do the yardwork, because we don’t want to run to the grocery store in the rain, because everything just seems a little quieter, we have a chance to sit, to rest, and reflect. Maybe it’s because of the Gospel reading for this week or maybe it’s all the commercials, junk mail, and campaign texts we’ve been getting but this week (and weekend) as I’ve tried to slow my mind to hear a word from God, I have been amazed at all the things that are vying for allegiance and ultimate loyalty.

Remembering the words from today’s Gospel reading, I continue to sit with the words of Jesus: “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God what is God’s.” Of course where this leads is the bigger question: What on earth could I have that doesn’t really belong to God?

As the weather gives us time to sit still and reflect a bit, I wonder if the Holy Spirit isn’t trying to teach us something about our loyalties. Are there things that we have (relational, material, spiritual) that we need to turn over to God? Is there something we are holding onto that we need to release? How is God calling us into the freedom of knowing that in God and God alone, we trust?

Sermon Series: The Heart of the Body

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Today we join with Christians around the world who celebrate World Communion Sunday, a day intended to remind us of our unity with all people who claim, “Christ is Lord.” Unlike in years past, this year we all re-imagine our communion tables as they have necessarily become coffee tables, dining room tables, and kitchen islands (among other things). What we are learning, though, is that our unity is one that transcends time and space. Whenever we gather – virtually or in person – to celebrate the Lord’s Supper and to eat our holy meal, we are renewed by God’s grace.

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