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Spirit of Justice: Housing and Hospitality

By Bill Baxley Imagine for a moment that you lived in another country and your country was under threat of war and your family’s well-being was being threatened. You decided to leave your war-torn land in hopes of finding a better future for your children, your spouse and yourself. You succeed in gaining legal entry … Continued

Spirit of Justice: World Water Day, 3/22/23

By Christian McIvor You may not have noticed it, but the world is deep in the throes of a water crisis.  Globally, over 2.2 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services and over half of the world’s population (4.2 billion) lack safely managed sanitation services.  This leads to the deaths of almost … Continued

Spirit of Justice: World Day of Social Justice, 2/20/23

By Erin Delgado Every year on February 20, countries around the globe celebrate World Day of Social Justice. At its core, social justice is about equal rights and equal opportunities for all people.  Around the world, societies face both circumstantial and systemic inequality of resources, opportunities, and privileges. It is up to us to recognize … Continued

Spirit of Justice: Holocaust Memorial Day, 01/27/23

By Kelly Roberts It happened.  It was tragic.  All of humanity suffered—but none more than the Jewish people.  This month marks so many important remembrances for those committed to social justice, and Greystone honors Holocaust Remembrance Day this January 2023. Holocaust Memorial Day Resources For those who have just a minute or two to remember, … Continued

Spirit of Justice: October 2022

By Bob Millikan This month, our Spirit of Justice Team is highlighting two important focuses for October.  The first is Tackling Hunger Month, which encourages people to provide food for those in need of daily meals. Greystone will help in this effort with our Rise Against Hunger event Sunday, October 2, where we will pack … Continued

The International Day of Peace

On September 21, the United Nations will recognize The International Day of Peace, a day for “commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples” by observing 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire. Each year, the day is given a theme that reflects current issues; the 2022 theme is … Continued

Spirit of Justice-Juneteenth, 6/19/22

By Joanne Thompson It was on or near the anniversary of the murder of George Floyd that I first heard the word Juneteenth. As I read more and more about Juneteenth from media sources, I realized that this African American holiday has been celebrated for over 150 years! I was 71 years old, yet I … Continued