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Wander With Us This Lent

By Chrissy Tatum Williamson Sometimes the spiritual path is simple and straightforward. Faith comes effortlessly and life feels full of hope. More often – I would dare to say – the path is not so straight, but rather windy and sometimes even repetitively so.  Often times when we turn to our Bibles, we find a … Continued

How Does a Weary World Rejoice?

By Chrissy Tatum Williamson How does a weary world rejoice?  It must have been early June when the staff began planning the 2023 Advent season. We shared some possible series themes with the Adult Christian Education Committee (now called the Adult Faith Formation Council) and prayed for wisdom in discerning which themes might speak to … Continued

Sexuality, Gender, & Faith: What and Why?

By Chrissy Tatum Williamson What:  Sexuality, Gender, and Faith is a seven-month series, crafted with the people of Greystone Baptist Church in mind. In broad strokes, it is a series of large group, lecture-style education forums  and small group conversations. With three sessions in the fall and four in the winter/spring, we will journey together … Continued

Finding Wonder on the Water

By Chrissy Tatum Williamson I used to be afraid of thunderstorms. When I say “used to” I’m not talking about when I was a small child. No, I mean well into my twenties. Okay, who am I kidding, I still don’t like them very much. April will vouch for this when I also say, I’m … Continued

OGM: A Place of Welcome

By April Alston It was the summer of 2001 when I got the opportunity to travel to Thailand to meet and work with Rick and Ellen Burnette, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) Field Personnel. I heard about them years earlier when my mom saw them commissioned at the annual CBF meeting. Their work in Thailand had … Continued

OGM: A Community Built on Action

By David Cross The summer of 2017 was a pivitol time for me. I had just finished my second year of college, still figuring out life as a young person (that aspect hasn’t really changed), my faith began to really develop, and I started working for PASSPORT Camps as a Bible Study Leader (BSL) at … Continued

Come and Seek

From Pastor Chrissy How are questions, struggles, and doubts about faith handled in our church?  This is one of the questions posed at a recent Wednesday night, Growing Young discussion.  The conversation that ensued meandered through all the small group, Bible study, and relational aspects of the church. In the context of those close relationships, we … Continued

Ministry Impact Report: October-December 2022

A Note from Pastor Chrissy In the document attached you will find an encouraging report of Greystone’s reach in the final months of 2022. Through discipleship, worship, missions and advocacy, we have grown closer to God, closer to one another, and we have even grown in number! In these months we have also shifted our … Continued

Generations of Greystone: Generation Z

Each week during the Season of Advent, we have highlighted two members of each generation within our church family, beginning with our older generations and working our way down to the youngest members of our church. We have asked each person the same questions, hoping to share a glimpse of what is unique to each … Continued