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September: The Month of New Beginnings

Summer has come to an end, and students have returned for a new school year. As a student and later as a teacher, I always looked forward to September. While classes and workdays typically started in August, it wasn’t until September every year that I felt like I’d settled into my new schedule and had … Continued

Spirit of Justice: Housing and Hospitality

By Bill Baxley Imagine for a moment that you lived in another country and your country was under threat of war and your family’s well-being was being threatened. You decided to leave your war-torn land in hopes of finding a better future for your children, your spouse and yourself. You succeed in gaining legal entry … Continued

Spirit of Justice-Juneteenth, 6/19/22

By Joanne Thompson It was on or near the anniversary of the murder of George Floyd that I first heard the word Juneteenth. As I read more and more about Juneteenth from media sources, I realized that this African American holiday has been celebrated for over 150 years! I was 71 years old, yet I … Continued