Sharing the Good News

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Sharing the Good News

As people changed and shaped by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are commissioned (a fancy word for sent) to go and share that “Good News” with our neighbors, our community and the world. But who’s to say what’s truly good?

Breakfast on the Beach

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What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Bacon and eggs? Avocado toast? Cereal? Whatever it was, I bet it wasn’t fish cooked over a campfire. One of my favorite stories in scripture is that of the disciples having a breakfast of fish on the beach with the risen Christ. It’s a story full of […]

How do we reconcile our belief in the Lord of creation with some of our Christian doctrines?

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I love this question because it offers so many words that are a part of the language of faith – and – it gets at one of the largest tensions people of faith face as they seek to live their lives faithfully and in the modern world.  It is always important to remember that doctrines […]

2019 Deacon Nomination Process

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The Greystone Deacon Election Process Annually, in accordance with the Bylaws of our Church Constitution, church members elect six members of the congregation to serve as Deacons for a three-year term. Adult men and women (18 years or older) may be nominated by the membership, provided the nominees have agreed to have their name put […]

An Invitation to Sit in Holy Week’s Rubble

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This week, the world watched as one of the most iconic cathedrals in the Western world was consumed by fire.  As time passed, images surfaced of Notre-Dame de Paris engulfed in smoke and flames; and many wondered if the thousand year-old building would survive.        It seems a bit haunting to consider the devastation of this […]

Holy Week at Greystone

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Maundy Thursday Dinner and Communion There are no Wednesday Night Live activities this week, but we invite you to join us this Thursday, April 18 for dinner and communion as we celebrate and remember Maundy Thursday. For dinner we will offer homemade lasagna. Make a reservation by tomorrow (4/15) before noon. Adults are only $5! […]

BWIM of NC presents The Church Award to Greystone

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Each year, BWIM NC recognizes the contributions of individuals and churches to the cause of women in ministry with two awards. Determined by the Leadership Board, the awards are The Anne Thomas Neil Award and The Church Award.  The Church Award is given to congregations who are exemplary in supporting and encouraging the cause of women in ministry. The symbol […]

13th Annual Arch McFadyen Scholarship Benefit

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Friday – May 3rd, 2019 – Greystone Baptist Church Dinner: 6:00 pm Music and Dancing: 7:00 – 9:00 pm Entertainment for Everyone!!! The highlight of the evening will include the beach music sounds of The Martin Davis Band featuring Jackie Gore, original member of the Embers and author of “I Love Beach Music.” The Arch […]

Mission Garden Update

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On Saturday, March 2, our Missions Kids planted our spring garden.  What fun we had!  We planted lettuce (2 kinds) and curly kale.  Our tiny hands tenderly dug holes and gently planted young lettuce plants and kale plants. Each plant then got a drink of water.  We also helped Mrs. Brewer plant beets.  She had […]

Summer Music & Arts Camp 2019

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Summer Music & Arts Camp 2019

SUMMER MUSIC & ARTS CAMP is a week-long exploration of music and the arts—including singing, movement, instruments, drama, art/crafts, and more!  The highlight of the week is always the Camp Musical, presented on the final day.  Yes! They will learn an entire musical in one week—drama, staging, singing, and all! We are excited about this […]

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