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Sexuality, Gender, & Faith Forum – November 8, 2023

Reading the Bible–Especially the Hard Stuff

Wednesday, November 8 at 6:00 pm in the GBC Fellowship Hall

In just about every conversation about sexuality, gender, and marriage, we quote the Bible. This comes as no surprise because we are people of the book who claim to have no creed but the Bible (that’s a Baptist thing). However, when it comes to ideas about gender, sexuality, and marriage, people who take the Bible seriously can come to all kinds of different conclusions about what the Bible says, what that means for our personal lives, and what that means for our church family. In these two sessions, Bible Scholar, Diane Lipsett, will help us sort through how we read the Bible, even the hard stuff. We’ll start with an overview and work our way toward some of the more specific texts that are often quoted when people are looking for insight on matters of gender, sexuality, and marriage.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Diane Lipsett is an ordained Baptist minister, a middle-school Sunday School teacher, and a professor of religion at Salem College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. A scholar of first and second-century Christian texts, Dr. Lipsett has particular interests in biblical interpretation; in gender and the conversion or transformation of the self; and in disability, health and healing. Her academic publications include Desiring Conversion: Hermas, Thecla, Aseneth (Oxford University Press 2011) and Faith and Feminism: Ecumenical Essays (Westminster John Knox Press 2014), co-edited with Phyllis Trible. She and her husband, Richard Vinson, between them have five sons, four daughters-in-law, five grandchildren, two cats, and a puppy.

Dinner Reservations

Dinner will be served beginning at 5:30 pm. The cost is $7 per person and $3 per child. Please sign up for dinner by Monday, November 6.

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