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Sexuality, Gender, & Faith Forum – February 11, 2024

Theology and Doctrine

Sunday, February 11 at 11:00 am in the GBC Fellowship Hall

When we read biblical texts, we ask questions like, “What were the contexts behind this passage? How do the authors communicate in their contexts? What did it mean for the original audiences?” That is not end of the interpretive  task, however. Then, we need to ask questions like, “What do these texts mean for us today? How should the biblical messages inform our theology and doctrine? What theologies of the Church are helpful, meaningful, impactful, expansive, and healing and which ones aren’t?” In this forum, we will be looking at various ways that Christians have constructed and can construct their theologies of gender and sexuality but at the heart of our inquiry will be one overarching concern—how do we move from the biblical text in the ancient world to meaning, application, and theology in our current world?

Speaker Bio

Dr. Jennifer Garcia Bashaw is Associate Professor of New Testament and Christian Ministry at Campbell University in North Carolina. She has a passion for teaching the Bible on a lay level and contributes social media content to outlets such as Baptist News Global and The Bible for Normal People, where she is a nerd-in-resident. Dr. Bashaw is an ordained American Baptist minister who enjoys preaching as well training and resourcing pastors. She is the author of Scapegoats: The Gospel through the Eyes of Victims and John for Normal People: A Guide through the Drama and Depth of the Fourth Gospel.

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