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Sabbatical: Renewal and Wonder

Below you will find some helpful information pertaining to our pastor’s sabbatical program.

What is a sabbatical? The primary purpose of a sabbatical is to foster an experience of pastoral renewal. Sean has chosen to focus his time away on wondering and dreaming about the future of Greystone through reflection on his time as pastor and in dialogue with other mentors and ministers.

Through an extended season of intentional reading, writing, prayer, and creative exploration, Sean hopes to deepen his own spiritual reservoir in order to serve Greystone most faithfully.

What are the dates for the sabbatical? Sean’s last Sunday preaching will be June 28. He will resume his normal schedule the week of August 10. His time away will include vacation with family on the front and back ends of the sabbatical.

Who will be covering for Sean during his time away? The members of Greystone have done a wonderful job in the prayerful discernment of calling the current ministerial team. The ministers will each have one or two opportunities to fill the pulpit while Sean is away on sabbatical. Should a need or concern arise, contact one of the ministers or call the On-Call Number, (919) 817-8975, and they will provide pastoral care and support.

How can we pray for our pastor during this time? We can pray for our pastor’s spiritual and vocational growth. We can also pray that he will be open to the many ways the Spirit might illumine his heart and mind with fresh insight and practice for ministry. Also pray for Jamie and the Allen children, especially during the times when Sean is away from family.

Together let us pray that God will bless this season of growth for Pastor Sean and the Greystone family.