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Pastor Search Committee Update – 3/23/18

On March 18, approximately 120 GBC members attended a group meeting intended to address current programs of the church. In group discussions of randomly placed participants, we evaluated programs on “KoolAid” sheets by what we would keep,add, improve or drop from said programs. We rated how our church measures up according to Acts 2:42-46 (Paul’s description of church requirements ) and how we would change our focus in the future, and rated our understanding of where GBC sits in a spectrum of Baptist theology, conflict resolution and change. This data is in the process of being analyzed.

If you missed the meeting on 3/18, or feel that you would like to fill out more “KoolAid” sheets, a make up session will be held on April 8 during the Sunday School hour in Fellowship Hall. The GBC website has downloadable KoolAid forms, and they are also available on the table in the narthex. We encourage all members to prayerfully give opinions so that the committee can reflect on and consider all congregational views. Please turn in all KoolAid evaluations by April 5 to the Senior Pastor Search Committee mailbox in the office, or email to .

The final congregational conversation will be held on May 6 at 4pm. At this meeting, we will address GBC’s future. Please pray for our committee as we gather data, listen to you, and to God’s voice as we seek wisdom and discernment in the choice of our Senior Pastor.