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Environmental Action and Advocacy in North Carolina

You can’t save the world all by yourself. 

Baptists have learned to work with other churches to combine our resources and minister to our communities and to others around the world more effectively. The same strategy must be applied to the sacred work of taking care of creation. As we approach the end of Earth Month, I will pass along links to a few organizations you may wish to join or partner with who can offer us all opportunities to take direct action and advocate for natural North Carolina. I hope you will find  a group you want to find out more about and work with. Start small. Listen to a podcast or attend a community clean-up event. Just be sure to get involved! 

Most of these groups have not been as active during the pandemic. I believe you’ll see and hear more from them as folks get their vaccinations and we are all out and about again. 

Sound Rivers: Sound Rivers: Home  I have worked with this organization for many years (  They sponsor clean-up days along the Neuse and have I find their Talk About It Tuesdays broadcasts ( to be quite informative about the issues affecting water quality in our Neuse River Basin. You will find opportunities to work with them at ttps://

Carolina Wetlands Association: Carolina Wetlands Association This non-profit is a non-partisan, science-based organization advocating for wetlands.They also offer inexpensive opportunities to tour wetland treasures across our state and in South Carolina. Learn why wetlands are important, how to care for local wetlands, and how some, like the mysterious Carolina Bays, were formed.

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship:CBFNC is stepping up to the environmental challenges of our world and has recognized the connections between poverty, race, pollution, climate change, and the beloved community.  For a glimpse into what CBFNC is doing, read the blog posts How Your Congregation Can Practice Creation Care & Combat Climate Change and Sustaining the Good If you check the CBFNC Facebook page now and again, there are often announcements of webinars, discussions, blog posts, and events for education and participation in many areas of ministry. 

Don’t miss out on these opportunities to protect and preserve God’s incredible creation. God didn’t just say the world was good, He said it was “very good.” Let’s do what we can to keep it that way. Earth Month may be slipping away, but environmental problems are persistent. Hold on to the lessons learned this April and make every day Earth Day!

-Marcia Ostendorff