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Youth Mission Trip a Week of Worship, Work, and Fellowship

Students and adults from Greystone Baptist Church traveled once again to Greenville, SC to partner with Nicholtown Missionary Baptist Church and First Baptist Church of Greenville in working with the people of the Nicholtown community.  Students and adults from First Baptist Church of Goldsboro, NC also traveled to Greenville, making a group of 25 faithful workers.


Greenville SC Youth Retreat Week - 2016-06-26 12.43.11 (Allan S.)


The group stayed in the old youth space of First Baptist Church in Greenville.  The week began with worship with the Nicholtown Missionary Baptist Church, which meets at the Phillis Wheatley Community Center in Nicholtown.  After four long workdays, the week concluded with a fellowship meal including the youth, residents of Nicholtown, and members of the Nicholtown Missionary Baptist Church.

Greenville SC Youth Retreat Week - 2016-06-27 14.38.55 (Scott N.)                 Greenville SC Youth Retreat Week - 2016-06-29 20.59.43 (Jillian B.)

During the workdays, students helped primarily at two different residential homes.  One projects included repairs to floors, walls, the bathroom, and the kitchen.  Another projects involved complete repainting the outside of a home.

Greenville SC Youth Retreat Week - 2016-06-30 22.15.21 (Allan S.)

In the evenings, the group of middle school and high school students enjoyed time around Greenville, including visiting Flour Field for a Greenville Drive game, some time of play at Frankie’s Fun Park, and relaxing at Falls Park in downtown Greenville.  It was a great week of hard work with several moments of fellowship.

Greenville SC Youth Retreat Week - 2016-06-29 21.49.26 (Andrew H.)