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Welcome Home

UPDATED 2/2/17 – 6:00PM – Due to the overwhelming interest in welcoming the refugee family arriving tonight, we have been asked by USCRI, RDU and Senator Jay Chaudhuri that we do not come to the airport this evening. There will be a small group present to welcome the family. Please continue to support the family with your prayers and goodwill.

Please see the letter below from our CBF missions partners Marc and Kim Wyatt. On Thursday, February 2 at 9:40 pm we will be greeting a Rwandan refugee family at Raleigh Durham International Airport. They are asking that any that wish to welcome them meet at 9:30 PM on the arrivals level at the top of the escalators near Starbucks.

Dear Friends,

We just left a meeting with our refugee agency partner US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants NC Field Office. A Rwandan refugee family of 6 is confirmed to arrive Thursday, February 2 at 9:40 pm at Raleigh Durham International Airport via Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

USCRI is asking us to request your participation to come and help us welcome the family home. We want you to come and show your support that refugees are welcome here. You are asked to bring welcome home signs, balloons and flowers. Governor Cooper and local representatives are being encouraged to attend. The Media have been informed.

We are asking you and those you know who would join us to meet at RDU at 9:30 pm at the arrivals level top of the escalators near Starbucks. Help us get the word out.

‘The Department of Homeland Security will admit 872 refugees into the country this week thanks to an exception in the order. The order says refugees who were already in transit can be admitted into the U.S. if being forced to return would cause them “undue hardship.” USA Today headline ‘Exception In Immigration Ban Lets Hundreds Of Refugees Into The US.’

These refugees will be the last allowed entry during the Presidential Executive Order for a 120 day review (shutdown) of the US Refugee Program.

‘I was a stranger and your welcome me’. Jesus


Marc and Kim Wyatt

CBF Advocates for Refugees and Immigrants

Research Triangle