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The Fear of Death and the Lure of False Resurrection

There has been a lot of talk about resurrection this week. From resurrecting the economy to resurrecting our churches to resurrecting life as we knew it before the Coronavirus changed everything. Liturgically speaking, it is still a little early for resurrection. While we all want to rush over to the empty tomb NOW… there might be a lesson for us in the waiting. Yes, it will require us to face our fear of death in more ways that we ever imagined (death of financial stability, death of certainty, death of our old lifestyles, etc.).

Any kind of death is scary, but there is hope to be found in the book of Ezekiel as God takes the prophet and sets him down in the middle of a valley of dry bones, asking the question: Can these bones live? Join us online in worship this day as we listen for a word of hope from the prophet Ezekiel.