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Sweet Gums

This week’s reflection is written by Greystone member, Marcia Ostendorff. Marcia is a newly retired science teacher and a passionate follower of Jesus. Marcia spends a good portion of every day out and about in the goodness of God’s creation. Enjoy her photographs, and join her in wonder.

I have a love/hate relationship with the sweet gum. Birds, the Luna moth, squirrels, and chipmunks love them. I hate raking and stepping on those seed pods. But, my goodness, what a beautifully engineered way to spread those seeds! A fascinating miniature world for escape and wonder.

I think we all have mixed emotions about beginning this new week. Vote, if you haven’t. Breathe deeply, and get yourself outside for a wonder walk, or two, or three. When teaching last spring, my online schedule allowed me to take three short walks every day. Those walks preserved my sanity. Or, at least some of it! Try it, you’ll like it. – Marcia Ostendorff