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Spirit of Justice: Black History Month

As February ushers in fun holidays and traditions like Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl, and the Lunar New Year, it also offers the opportunity to recognize those who played a central, but often underrepresented role in US history. From February 1 through March 1, we observe Black History Month, a chance to celebrate and honor the significant achievements and events of the African diaspora. 

With celebration also comes reflection: reflection on history that has been ignored or erased, as well as reflection on the sustaining racial inequities and injustices prevalent in our current world. Conversations regarding race and injustice can be hard and uncomfortable, but necessary for us to move forward and understand our history from all perspectives. Black history is intersectional with American history, though many events or achievements are often overlooked, forgotten, or misrepresented. As former pastor Mark Croston said, “our uniquenesses all tell a part of the human story—to ignore them is to ignore a part of God’s good creation.”
In order to understand black history, we must learn. The Spirit of Justice team has compiled resources below to help begin the process of learning and reflection.