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Sermon Series: Is this Naomi?

Good Morning! Welcome to worship on this warm and sunny day. It is hard to believe it’s nearing the middle of August isn’t it? It’s hard to believe so many weeks have passed since we last gathered in our Sanctuary for Sunday morning worship. Did you know this is the twenty-second week of online church? Hard to believe, isn’t it?

As I think about all that time, I realize that so much is happening in our personal lives and spiritual lives. Things that we would normally share with one another in hallways, classrooms, and pews. It makes me wonder how God is at work among us this day? How are we being transformed into God’s new creation, even now? And what kind of church will emerge on the other side of this pandemic?

Sometimes questions like this can seem daunting. We don’t really want to re-imagine things, we just want to get back to normal. Sometimes these kinds of questions are a life-line to a new and bright future.

In today’s scripture, I find great hope in the story of Naomi as she endures a long journey – perhaps one she didn’t want or ask for. Nevertheless she journeys onward, and the Lord does indeed bring her home. Join us in worship today so we can listen and learn from scripture together. Welcome, let’s worship our Lord with all that we have, wherever we are.

-Pastor Chrissy