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Sermon Series: Finding Holy Delight

Good Morning! What an exciting weekend this has been as we have been able to spend some time getting to know our Candidate for the Minister of Worship, Music, and the Arts position. In worship today, we read from Leviticus 25. While the whole chapter would be excellent reading for your personal spiritual practice this week, in worship we will focus on the first seven verses.

This scripture reminds us of God’s commandment to take Sabbath seriously, for ourselves and for all of God’s creation. What I have found is that this means so much more than simply remembering to “go to church” (whatever that looks like in COVID times). Taking Sabbath seriously means recognizing our humanity, releasing control, and trusting God enough to take a break from our work in order to delight in God’s creation and God’s presence with us. This is a challenge, especially in these days when the work seems to be never-ending.

In planning today’s service, Christian selected music that mirrors the text calling us to a healthy rhythm of work, rest, and the celebration of new life that is possible only after Sabbath. 

Through music, prayer, scripture and the sermon today, let us draw near to the Spirit of God who invites us into the holy delight of Sabbath rest.