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Sermon Series: A Living Hope

Welcome to worship on this Heritage Sunday.  Today we celebrate 36 years of life and ministry together.

As in years past, we’ve invited some of our founding and charter members to participate as worship leaders today.  Seeing their faces, hearing their voices, and remembering some of the unconventional and creative ways we have gathered for worship and fellowship together give us hope that though we are in a season of “unconventional” right now, God is alive and at work among us, around us, and within us. 

Even as we celebrate our past this morning, we look to our future with great excitement as we welcome a new member of our ministerial staff team, Dr. Christian McIvor.  Today is Christian’s first official Sunday as Minister of Worship, Music, and the Arts.  He’s written a song for Heritage Sunday that you’ll hear during the service. We hope you’ll sing along with us as the convergence of our dispersed voices makes its way from our lips to God’s ears.