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Sermon Series: A Liturgy of Hope

 This is our 26th Sunday of online services. Each week I count that number, then I count it again because it seems that it cannot be true. This week I checked three times to be sure. 26 weeks! Through that time, there have been ups and downs, moments of creativity and moments of tired despair. Will we ever get back to our sanctuary?

This week, reading from Exodus I realized the Israelites were in their wilderness for 40 years (and then another 40 more). I wonder if they knew from the outset it would take so long?

In the middle of waiting, without knowing when the journey will end, it can be hard to keep the faith. It can be hard to keep going through the ritual motions of personal devotional and prayer time, participating in corporate worship, and even taking communion. I wonder if we stick to it though, if we set our tables and go through the liturgy again this morning, will God meet us at the table with a bit of hope?