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Pathways to Connection Newly/Nearly Married Retreat – January 19, 2024

Date: January 19 from 7-9pm, January 20 from 9am-2pm

Location: GBC Campus

All nearly or newly married couples are invited to a 2-day retreat focusing on nurturing relationships with your partner or spouse. The retreat will be facilitated by Rev. Carrie Veal who specializes in using the enneagram as a pathway for understanding and deepening connection. Cost for the retreat is $20 per couple and food is provided.

Rev. Carrie Veal Bio

As a full time minister for over twenty years, Rev. Carrie Veal has realized the power the Enneagram has with every relationship in her life. From her marriage to her colleagues, how we show up in the world matters. And we are more than just our type. And our type is more than just a funny meme or list of descriptives. 

Carrie is married with two dogs. Hannah and Toby. She loves college football and basketball and MLB baseball. Cooking and and baking and reading are her modes of self-care. And she makes a New Year’s resolution every year to be more committed to photography and writing. Maybe 2024 will be the one?!