Request form is for Church Members or Greystone Baptist Church Teams, Committees or Small Groups only.

(Note: Non-church members and groups please phone 847-1333 for policy and inquiries concerning use of facilities).

Energy Conservation

(Church groups requesting a specific room or part of the building)

The church has to pay heating and cooling bills, too! So, would you help us conserve energy and economize by doing the following:

  • Use smaller rooms for meetings and do not heat up (or cool) entire hallways.
  • Use the conference room in Books on the Corner for small meetings since it is an efficient room. Avoid using the fellowship hall for small groups since it is not efficient.
  • Consider the parlor as a meeting place instead of the larger Gathering Space (which requires the heating and cooling of the entire hallway).
  • Always make sure the thermostats are turned to appropriate temperatures for the season when you leave (heat to 60 degrees; A.C. to 80 degrees). Exception (where thermostats are on timers in the new building and pre-school building).
  • Turn off lights and check doors as you leave.

Evening Meetings

If your team or Church group meets during week nights, make sure that you have pre-arranged to have a key for entrance. Each team is responsible for opening and closing the building for evening meetings. Our custodian will lock all doors at 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday and Sunday evening ONLY. We do not have a custodian to lock doors on other nights. If you stay after 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday or Sunday, please make sure doors are locked.

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