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Homework Volunteers

If Bob received 108 pieces of candy while trick-or-treating and he ate 48 pieces, how many does he have now?

Imagine that you are an 8 year old.  You and your family recently moved to Raleigh as refugees.  You haven’t  had school even in your native language for quite a while because your family has been uprooted and on the move. Not only are you expected to learn a new language, the math problems have words that mean nothing to you. What is “trick-or-treating?”

I recently tried to explain trick-or-treating to a young girl. It doesn’t make much sense even if you have known about it all your life.

Each week in the community building at Cedar Point Apartments, I see children learning to read in a new language and doing homework. They work hard, and I am amazed at how quickly they are learning English. Of course they are normal kids who sometimes get distracted. Volunteers help the children understand their assignments and get the work done. They also help with reading. One day last week 65 students showed up for Homework Help and there were only 2 volunteers. It is wonderful to see so many students learning but more volunteers are needed.

If you have a few hours a week you could volunteer, I would be happy to talk with you about this opportunity. Adults and middle and high school students may volunteer. The times to help middle school and elementary students are Monday through Thursday afternoons from 3-5. Volunteers can help as they have time. They do not have to stay for the entire time or help every session. Give it a try. It’s a treat!

Lou Dawson