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Greystone Dinner Club

Dinner Spread

Greystone is growing! Perhaps you have noticed a few new faces on Sunday morning. Perhaps you are someone who is new to Greystone, and you see a lot of unnamed, albeit friendly, faces on Sundays. During September, different church members will be hosting dinner parties in their homes. The aim is to make some introductions and enjoy fellowship together. We hope that you will be our guest. The invitation is for everyone whether you have been at Greystone since 1984 or just started attending in April. Signing up is simple.

  • Pick one Saturday that works for you – either September 17 or September 24. Email your choice to Amanda ( or sign up in your Sunday School class or call the church office.
  • Do you need childcare? Just let us know. We will be offering childcare at the church for this event.

We will add your name to the mix of guests. Our hope is for you to meet some new people and have a great evening. The dinner hosts will provide everything. We would like for you to enjoy yourself with no worries.

The week of the party we will tell you where your party is going to be and who will be hosting.