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Dr. Tony Cartledge Presentation – June 23, 2024

Dr. Tony Cartledge Presentation: Understanding the Israeli and Palestinian Issues 

On Sunday, June 23, the Grace Fellowship Class will host a presentation by Dr. Tony Cartledge at 11:00 am in the Fellowship Hall. All Adult Bible Study classes and all interested persons are invited to a joint lesson study concerning the complex issues around the War between Israel and Hamas. Dr. Cartledge is an Old Testament scholar and veteran traveler in Israel and the West Bank, leading study tours through Campbell University Divinity School. He and his wife Susan have participated in archaeological digs at Lachish, Jezreel, and Tel Shimron, developing relationships with both Israelis and Palestinians.

Why are Israelis and Palestinians so much at odds and often in conflict? Is it religious, cultural, political, or something sharper? On June 23 we’ll take a close look at the root causes of the Israeli/Palestinian relations, clear up some unfortunate misconceptions many Americans have, and ponder the possibilities of peace.