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Compassion Challenge #2:

This Sunday we explored the story of four friends who brought their friend to see Jesus. They had to overcome so many obstacles to help their friend. This was no easy task. You can read the story in Mark 2:1-12

Showing compassion often involves a bit of courage. We might think we only need to be brave for big, scary things. We might think being brave is only for superheroes! But whether it’s for a friend or stranger, a family member or a neighbor, or even for ourselves, compassion helps us be brave. Sometimes being brave means being like the friends by showing up for someone, helping carry their burdens, helping them get where they need to be, and standing with them. 

This week we challenge you to check on your neighbors, the people who live right next door to you. How are they? Do they need help? Do a bit of investigating and take the risk that you might actually be the hands and feet of Jesus this week.

Amanda Atkin
Associate Minister of Faith Formation