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Come As You Are!

“Come as you are; it’s not just a dress code.” Greystone member Amber Sawyers shared these words with me during a recent conversation, and they have stuck with me.

Now it should go without saying but I will say it anyway, I want you to join us for worship and never want what you wear to be a hindrance. During the hot summer month of July, the worship leadership will be dressing more casually. Think less suits and ties and more slacks and short sleeve shirts. Some feel we should do this more often while others like dressing up in their Sunday bests. Regardless of what you prefer to wear on Sunday morning, I hope you will come as you are.

But “Come as you are; it’s not just a dress code” is really much deeper than the surface level of clothes. To “come as you are” is to be welcomed, invited to be fully present, just as you currently are; welcomed and invited to be fully present and surrounded by the presence of God during worship.

If you think your life is a wreck, come as you are. If you feel depressed, come as you are. If you are ready to sing praises of gratitude, come as you are. If you aren’t sure if your questions about God and faith will be accepted, come as you are. If you feel like an outsider, come as you are. If you are filled with joy, come as you are. If the church has hurt you in the past, come as you are. Whatever the circumstances of your life, whether you can verbalize all that you feel and think or not, whatever, whoever, however, with all the wonder and messiness and complex realities of life: Come as you are; it’s not just a dress code!

I think Amber’s phrase has stuck with me because it rings of the gospel in ways that both challenge and encourage me. Like the gospel, I don’t know who will hear and receive this invitation. But I know Christ extends it and so we too must extend this invitation as Christ’s church. Come as you are; it’s not just a dress code. See you this Sunday and beyond.


Sunday, July 3, 2016 – Joint Service and Covered Dish Breakfast