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Children’s Thankful Feast – November 19, 2023

All kids and their families are invited to join us on Sunday, November 19 at 5:00 pm for a Thankful Feast. This is a potluck style meal with a twist – the kids are in charge! Our meal will consist of whatever food your kids are most thankful for. Whether it be junk food or salad, please bring whatever they say they are most thankful for. This always makes for a fun and interesting meal. Some kids bring cookies, pizza, snack cakes, or pop-tarts. I’ve also had kids bring gnocchi, farmer’s market seafood, and even a sweet potato casserole. We can’t wait to see what our menu will be this year. We will meet in the Fellowship Hall for dinner and a time of thankfulness at 5:00 pm. (We will provide water and lemonade along with all paper-goods and utensils.)