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Books on the Corner is available upon request during the week to Greystone members for quiet reflection, browsing the shelves or Bible study. Please inquire at the church office. Resources for Sunday School teachers are also available.

Book Listings

Updated 8/18/13 – PDF or XLS

Mission Statement

To minister to persons of all ages by making available resources to:

  • enhance their personal spiritual development
  • encourage excellent Bible study
  • enrich personal devotion and meditation
  • serve as an important resource for teachers of adults, youth, and children
  • enable and instruct in developing leadership skills
  • serve families by providing aids for parenting and marriage enrichment
  • teach discrimination when choosing appropriate reading and activities
  • help teach children responsibility by borrowing and returning books
  • encourage readership among children, youth and adults for wholesome entertainment and broadening world views
  • In other words, reading for recreation – re”creation” of mind, body and spirit. Reading is more than fun!
  • To create and maintain appealing spaces housing commendable and relevant print and audio-visual collections.