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A Question for the Future
Don't let me fall
As a stone falls upon the hard ground.
And don't let my hands become dry
As the twigs of a tree
When the wind beats down the last leaves.
And when the storm raises dust from the earth
With anger and howling,
Don't let me become the last fly
Trembling terrified on a windowpane.
Don't let me fall.
I have asked for so much,
But as a blade of your grass in a distant wild field
Lets drop a seed in the lap of the earth
And dies away,
Sow in me your living breath,
As you sow a seed in the earth.
 —“Prayers: I” by Kadya Molodowsky

As you begin to think about life after this pandemic, what do you want to change? What is being born in your spirit by the grace of God? What new seeds are being planted even now?

Amanda Atkin
Associate Minister of Faith Formation