Director: Pam Phillips – 919-870-0040 – weekdaypreschool@greystonechurch.org

Telephone: 919-870-0040

Greystone Baptist Preschool was formed as an arm of Greystone Baptist church in 1990 to serve as a community ministry. We gladly serve church members as well as families from Raleigh and the surrounding areas.

The purpose of GBP is to provide a half-day weekday program for young children in a Christian environment that will benefit the child, the parents and the community.

The Preschool accommodates 88 children, ages 1-4 and 14 staff members.


Class Available to: Reg. Fee Monthly Tuition
2 days/wk (TTH)  Toddlers, 2’s & 3’s $215.00 $215.00
3 days/wk (MWF)  Toddlers, 2’s & 3’s $265.00 $265.00
4 days/wk (MTWTh)  3’s & 4’s $315.00 $315.00
5 days/wk (MTWThF)   All ages $355.00 $355.00

We are very proud to have staff members that have been here for 19, 16, 14 and 12 years. It says a lot about our program and Preschool family when teachers do not leave!

We are very proud to be a part of Greystone Baptist Church and feel that we can help spread God’s love through the love and care of our Preschoolers.


To meet the needs, interests and abilities of each individual child, we offer a varied curriculum consisting of:

  • Bible Study
  • Science
  • Safety
  • Creative Movement
  • Social Studies
  • Perception
  • Vocabulary
  • Physical Ed.
  • Math
  • Social Living Relationships
  • Music
  • Language Arts
  • Literature
  • Health
  • Art


Greystone Baptist Preschool offers music for all ages, and we are blessed with a wonderfully creative teacher who has worked with our little ones for years. The music curriculum follows the seasons and holidays of the school year. We incorporate a new genre of music each month to expose the children to the wonderful variety of styles of music that exist. We typically listen and have a movement activity to what we call “Music Appreciation” time. For example in March, we do our version of an Irish jig to the sound of bagpipes and drums! We are fortunate to have a good selection of rhythm instruments, drums, shaker eggs, rhythm sticks, maracas, castanets, triangles, bells and more. We also incorporate movement and dance into each class period, especially on rainy days, learning body awareness is very important at an early age.

We showcase what we have learned in music at 3 annual events, our Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Sing-a-Long and Mother’s Day Tea.


We are fortunate enough to offer science in small groups (4-5 students at a time) once a week for our 3’s and 4’s. We do many manipulative experiments and alternate curricula each year so there is no chance a child would repeat an experiment, (since our 3 year olds come for only 5 months- Jan-May). This year we will have units on the sun, fall, primary and secondary colors, space, chemistry, our bodies/health, weather, plants and solids/liquids/gases.


Our Spanish teacher introduces the language so when children hear it being spoken it is a familiar sound, not an intimidating one. We hope that if there is a child of Spanish origin in their kindergarten class, they will say “Hola!” and make a new friend!

We count to 10, learn our primary colors, shapes, basic body parts, and clothing. We know our days of the week and talk about seasons, weather, months, animals, and lots more. All of this learning is through songs and games, so it is fun for the children.


Once a week children in the two’s three’s and four’s participate in chapel. We tie bible stories, music and scripture all together to make a fun Christian learning experience. We hope this will ignite a passion for church that lives on past their time here at Greystone Weekday Preschool. Parents are also welcome to join us in chapel.