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2020 Deacon Nomination Process

Annually, in accordance with the Bylaws of our Church Constitution, church members elect six members of the congregation to serve as Deacons for a three-year term. Adult men and women (18 years or older) may be nominated by the membership, provided the nominees have agreed to have their name put forth.

This year, nominations will be accepted through noon, Sunday, May 3. The online nomination form can be found below. Based on these nominations and its own deliberations, the Deacon Nominating Committee then develops a list of qualified candidates to be contacted. This contact provides an opportunity for the ones nominated to ask questions about the nature of the office of Deacon, the work and level of commitment that is expected, and to hear the nominee’s final decision to serve. When the nominees have indicated that they are willing to serve, the names are presented to the congregation for election and affirmation.

Please prayerfully consider your responsibility as a faithful member to seek out those worthy of service in this ministry and then nominate them online for consideration. Please secure the permission of the person(s) you nominate. Completed nomination forms should be submitted no later than noon, May 3.

The following people are ineligible to be elected this year:

Rotated off in 2019: Ernest Carraway, Kerry Crabb, Kim Craig, Kim Eshleman, Marcia Ostendorff
Rotating off in 2020: Patsy Chiles, Julia Glover, Amy Ng, Bob Potter, Dustin Tuttle, John Vestal
Continuing to serve: Leigh Ammons, Kay Meyer, Bob Millikan, Genice Nix, Linda Peterson, Skip Pike, Pat Boone, Lilian Chan-Grant, Scott Naeser, Joanne Thompson, Steve Wheeler, Elizabeth Worley

 Deacon Nomination Form:

    For deacon, I nominate:

    I have notified the above person of my intention to nominate.


    Email Address:

    Please secure the permission of the person you nominate.