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Come As You Are!

“Come as you are; it’s not just a dress code.” Greystone member Amber Sawyers shared these words with me during a recent conversation, and they have stuck with me. Now it should go without saying but I will say it anyway, I want you to join us for worship and never want what you wear … Continued

Tired of Religion? Try Worship!

Christianity is not religion. Christianity is not religion because, at its core, the Christian faith is not about the individual and their efforts to reach something beyond themselves. Those tireless, fruitless efforts to get a handle on the key to life, to plug into power, to find a program that leads to meaning, self-esteem, happiness … Continued

Sabbatical: Renewal and Wonder

Below you will find some helpful information pertaining to our pastor’s sabbatical program. What is a sabbatical? The primary purpose of a sabbatical is to foster an experience of pastoral renewal. Sean has chosen to focus his time away on wondering and dreaming about the future of Greystone through reflection on his time as pastor … Continued