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Welcome to the Start of Spring!

Welcome to the start of spring! No, I haven’t completely lost my mind or my calendar. It’s just that I realized now is the time for tulips. Now is the time to put the bulbs in the ground. You see those first harbingers of new life and sunny days need to spend some time in … Continued

The Stockdale Paradox meets Thanksgiving 2020

Admiral James Stockdale was held for seven years in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp. He survived unspeakable brutality and lived all of those years not knowing if or when he might be killed. When interviewed by Jim Collins in Good to Great, Stockdale shared the key to his survival: I never doubted not only that I … Continued

Consider the Lilies

On Monday a group of moms in North Raleigh sent their children to school for the first time in 8 months. These women and countless other parents faced the morning bus stop with a load of anxiety: a very real disease on the loose, regular first day of school jitters, their children’s development in a … Continued

Sweet Gums

This week’s reflection is written by Greystone member, Marcia Ostendorff. Marcia is a newly retired science teacher and a passionate follower of Jesus. Marcia spends a good portion of every day out and about in the goodness of God’s creation. Enjoy her photographs, and join her in wonder. I have a love/hate relationship with the … Continued

Where is the Blue Triangle?

On Friday I went to the woods to walk and pray. I was a little nervous. First, anytime you seek to engage with the God who created the universe there is a bit of fear and trembling to be had. Secondly, my navigational skills have been sliding in recent years. There have been many wrong … Continued

What are you made of?

In my devotions this week, I opened my heart and thoughts to this piece. It has been playing over my spirit since I first read it. It expounds on the writings of Julian of Norwich, 14th century English mystic. Julian said that we are not merely made by God but are made “of God”. This … Continued

Better Together

Yesterday, I stood outside Crabtree Valley Church in the fog and humidity with members of the Welcome House Network “Dream Team”. We were there to welcome CBFNC Executive Director, Larry Hovis, and his cycling group at the finish line. Larry and his team started a 240-mile trek to Raleigh from the Blue Ridge Parkway. All … Continued

The Bright Field

What a beautiful day! Fall in North Carolina is simply the best time of the year. I hope that as you move through this week you take a moment to pause and notice the grace that is exploding in the spaces around you. The Holy Spirit is at work in these days; our job is … Continued

Tracing the Pattern

My friend, Mark Tidsworth (Pinnacle Leadership Associates), posted the following on Facebook last week: The chaos is an indicator deformation is now in full swing Cry, lament, curse, grieve…whatever we need to let Egypt go Making space in ourselves for creation and rebirth As God constantly works to make all things new, all things new … Continued

42 Days

42 Days. 42 days of ads and pundits and predictions and more ads. There will be debates and drama and derision. 42 more days until the election.  I am a bit weary of it all. I don’t want to divide people into rival factions. I don’t want to demean the other. I don’t want to … Continued