Compassion Challenge #2:

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This Sunday we explored the story of four friends who brought their friend to see Jesus. They had to overcome so many obstacles to help their friend. This was no easy task. You can read the story in Mark 2:1-12.  Showing compassion often involves a bit of courage. We might think we only need to […]

Now Is the Time

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I’ve been thinking lately about how we live in a culture that talks over one another. I see it play out on all my screens (TV, computer, phone). Conversations filled with opinions and platitudes swirl around me. Everyone seems to be throwing out ideas which are tested, tried, argued, pushed, and ignored. There are so […]

COVID-19 Response

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A Letter from our Pastor March 12, 2020Dear Congregation,Since the letter on Wednesday, news of the Coronavirus [COVID-19] and its impact in our community has continued to evolve.  As of this afternoon, the Governor and his staff are recommending that all gatherings (including conferences, sporting events, worship services, etc.) that draw more than 100 people be […]

Blooming in Lent

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Blooming in Lent

At the beginning of Advent, I planted bulbs, two handfuls of paperwhites and few amaryllis. I have been doing this every year for over 25 years. I like watching them take root and delight as they send out tentative leaves testing the air of Advent. All of this in preparation for the big show of […]

Baseball: Sabbatical Reflection #2

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So, if you followed any of my social media while I was on sabbatical, you are very aware that I spent a lot of time at baseball fields. There was 12-year-old baseball, college baseball, minor league baseball and even a major league game thrown in there. There are two quotes that come to mind when […]

Lines: Sabbatical Reflection #1

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There are lines EVERYWHERE. Have you ever stopped and noticed all the lines we bump into, cross over, build, ignore, celebrate, long for, need? For the past five weeks I have been super aware of lines. My sabbatical adventure had me on the highways and byways. I covered over 1500 miles from Georgia to Virginia. […]

Happy Birthday Buddy Break!

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Celebrate with us! Greystone’s Buddy Break ministry marks 5 years of serving families with special needs this month. We invite you to celebrate with us on Sunday, November 12 with coffee, juice and donuts in the Fellowship Hall from 9:30-10 AM. If you have ever participated as a Buddy, please wear your t shirt that […]

Christmas Comes Early

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With the help of numerous Greystone elves, Christmas came December 5 for our Buddy Break families.  At our annual Buddy Break Christmas Party, 15 families with over 30 children eagerly awaited their visit with Santa (who brought Mrs. Claus and their favorite elf).  They also had fun making Christmas crafts, decorating cookies, singing Christmas songs […]

Homework Volunteers

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If Bob received 108 pieces of candy while trick-or-treating and he ate 48 pieces, how many does he have now? Imagine that you are an 8 year old.  You and your family recently moved to Raleigh as refugees.  You haven’t  had school even in your native language for quite a while because your family has […]

Back to School – Reading and Feeding

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School is starting back again. For some moms this is a bittersweet moment full of apprehension and faith. For other moms this is a day to party! Kids are out of the house and finally there is time and space and sweet freedom. Personally, I am a mom to a year round student. My kid […]

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