What are you made of?

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In my devotions this week, I opened my heart and thoughts to this piece. It has been playing over my spirit since I first read it. It expounds on the writings of Julian of Norwich, 14th century English mystic. Julian said that we are not merely made by God but are made “of God”. This […]

Better Together

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Yesterday, I stood outside Crabtree Valley Church in the fog and humidity with members of the Welcome House Network “Dream Team”. We were there to welcome CBFNC Executive Director, Larry Hovis, and his cycling group at the finish line. Larry and his team started a 240-mile trek to Raleigh from the Blue Ridge Parkway. All […]

The Bright Field

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What a beautiful day! Fall in North Carolina is simply the best time of the year. I hope that as you move through this week you take a moment to pause and notice the grace that is exploding in the spaces around you. The Holy Spirit is at work in these days; our job is […]

Tracing the Pattern

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My friend, Mark Tidsworth (Pinnacle Leadership Associates), posted the following on Facebook last week: The chaos is an indicator deformation is now in full swing Cry, lament, curse, grieve…whatever we need to let Egypt go Making space in ourselves for creation and rebirth As God constantly works to make all things new, all things new […]

42 Days

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42 Days. 42 days of ads and pundits and predictions and more ads. There will be debates and drama and derision. 42 more days until the election.  I am a bit weary of it all. I don’t want to divide people into rival factions. I don’t want to demean the other. I don’t want to […]

A Call for a Holy Pause

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Dennis Proffitt and Drake Baer have recently released a new work entitled, Perception: How Our Bodies Shape Our Minds. Their research and findings reveal that what we perceive in any given moment is not only determined by sensory input, but by our personal physical abilities, energy levels, feelings, social identities, and more. Our physical bodies and our […]

Step by Step

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So one day last week, I walked over 17,000 steps. It was just a regular Tuesday – no family outing, no big long nature walks, no new exercise initiative. I put one foot in front of the other for over 7 miles, and I never left my neighborhood. All of that distance traveled just to […]

Bearing Witness

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the earth bears witness to all of life. Moments and times that have been long forgotten leave a trace even if it is embedded deep within the soil.  In this picture, I think of the Native Americans who for centuries stood upon these ancient rocks and fished. […]

Bonus Compassion Challenge

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I have been listening to Hamilton on repeat. It’s certainly my “Sound of Summer 2020”. Just in case you don’t know. . . Hamilton, the musical, is based on the life of Alexander Hamilton (guy on the $10 bill) and is set in a revolutionary time of our country’s history. Thank you Disney +.   Recently, for a family […]

Worship Notes, 8.16.2020

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“Suite No. 2 in D Major” (HV 341), by George Frideric Handel, 1733 This suite for trumpet and keyboard accompaniment consists of five short movements composed for baroque dance.  The movements might be imagined as bringing us through the jubilee cycle referenced in Leviticus 25.  Movement 1, “Overture,” has a steady, bouncy feel that can be likened […]

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