Summer Music & Arts Camp (Explorations)

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Each afternoon at SMAC, campers will participate in classes that offer a hands-on learning experience in a Music and Arts area of their choice. Below is a list of classes for this year. After a camper is placed in a particular Exploration group, they will remain in that group throughout the week.

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Boomwhackers and Choir Chimes   Boomwhackers are colorful tubes that make a pitch when struck. They are the fun and “whacky” version of handbells or choir chimes. Campers will explore the proper way of playing these instruments, as well as choir chimes, and along the way enjoy making music with their friends.

Arts & Crafts: Island Creations   Campers will create a variety of island-themed masterpieces, with all its rich colors and collectables. They will be able to take these creations home during the week to add to their home art gallery.

Orff   Xylophones, Metallophones, and Glockenspiels – Oh my! Campers will be using these instruments, along with others, to add their creativity to songs, Bible stories, and memory verses. This class will offer active involvement in learning through movement, speech, rhythm, singing, improvisation, and playing instruments.

Handbells   Campers will learn the art and basics of handbell ringing including reading music on a staff. Along with all of the fun techniques of playing bells, they will learn to make music together as an ensemble. No prior ringing or music-reading experience is necessary.

Stix   Stix is an interpretive movement technique using wooden dowel rods to enhance a song or story. Campers will use these props to dramatize and bring to life a song which they’ll showcase during the Thursday evening Presentation. Non-dancers and dancers alike will enjoy this Exploration option. I mean, who doesn’t like to play with sticks?!

Drum Circle   Campers will explore the fun of learning to play percussion instruments in a group setting. They will learn techniques in drumming on instruments played around the world and use these techniques to interpret and bring to life stories from the Bible. Does your camper feel the rhythm? Everyone’s invited to the circle!

Ukulele   [$25 additional cost*]   Campers will enjoy learning the guitar of Hawaii. Being smaller than the guitar, and having only four strings, the ukulele is a great starting place in learning to play stringed instruments. Campers will finish the week with their own instrument to keep* and some tunes to strum along to.

*Campers are welcome to bring their own ukulele, in which case they wouldn’t need to purchase one. If you do pay the additional $25 cost, the instrument is yours to keep.

Main Actors Workshop**   Those chosen to play a main acting role will spend time with our drama coordinators each day blocking scenes, working on projection, memorizing lines and maximizing their dramatic expressions!  This group will be expected to memorize all of their assigned lines, most (if not all) of which should be done before Camp begins.

**You cannot sign-up for this Exploration — you are placed in this group as a result of your audition. Sign-up to audition for an acting role.